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Myth or Reality? 12-Foot Deer Allegedly Sighted

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Colossal. Mystical. Enchanting. But is this 12-foot supernatural creature actually real? What Smyrna residents have dubbed the “MegaDeer” has now made its fourth appearance, this time a little too close for comfort.

It all started approximately two weeks ago when The Smyrna View received the first report of a large, moose-like animal grazing on foliage behind the Gold’s Gym off S. Lowry Street. The creature was described as “gigantic” and “majestic,” with massive antlers spanning the width of a Mack truck protruding from its head.

Initially our news crew thought it was a hoax or, at the very least, a local with a creative imagination. But reports continued to surface of the MegaDeer appearing in the most unlikely of places.


(Indigenous Megadeer bones assembled in The Smithsonian In D.C. The original specimen was discovered in the midwest of America.)

One resident reported spotting the creature on the outskirts of the Target parking lot around 1 AM. Another local claimed to have observed the massive beast lumbering behind the Malco Smyrna Cinema at about midnight. Most recently, the MegaDeer was allegedly spotted on Sam Ridley in the wee hours of the morning while the fog was still lifting, treading majestically across the road.

Those who have reported seeing the MegaDeer recount similar descriptions of the fantastical creature. The consensus depiction is of a large deer towering approximately 12 feet high, with glistening sienna-colored fur, pointy black antlers, and tree-trunk-like limbs. Although the MegaDeer has never charged, attacked, or demonstrated any threatening behavior, those who report seeing the creature estimate that it weighs at least half a ton and could crush a human being with one swift movement.

One thing remains certain: the MegaDeer appears to be a nocturnal creature that avoids crowded spaces in broad daylight. The next time you’re out after dark, be on the lookout for this legendary beast. And be sure to let us know if you experience a sighting!

Megadeer In Tennessee

(Drawn to scale by the Smyrna View’s Illustrator.)

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