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Hickory Falls Wood-Fired Grille & Bar, Smyrna, TN: RESTAURANT REVIEW

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Doesn’t try to be anything it’s not!

★★★★ out of 5.

Hickory Falls Wood-Fired Grille & Bar has a signature feel that gives an allure of fine dining without the big price tag. Its stellar pricing, ambiance, and friendly staff make this restaurant a must-go for all Smyrna, Tennessee residents. We thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant and thought it teeters on the brink of the elusive 5 star rating. Overall, it’s a great dining experience for the whole family.

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Hickory Falls Wood-Fired Grille & Bar has an extensive menu. They have everything from fillet to fish. They offer a fairly eclectic kid’s menu as well. To see the full menu, Click Here.


This is where Hickory Falls slightly misses the mark. Given the massive foyer and gallant presentation of the finely designed main bar, we expected a little more from Hickory Falls. It screams fine dining but the plates and cheap silverware say budget meal. This makes the restaurant a place you would not want to go to impress despite its outer appearance.

That said the food was great! It does not match the decor’s review whatsoever. With a few touches this rustic style restaurant could easily be reviewed from a fine dining standpoint. We need to stress that Hickory Falls is not trying to be fine dining or present itself as such, so it meets (and even exceeds) expectations from that standpoint.

Hickory Falls Smyrna Tennessee


The service and staff was awesome! Extremely friendly and even took the time to explain a brief history of the restaurant. Privately owned by two brothers, the restaurant has been in Smyrna, Tennessee for 12 years. The owners also own the sister company in Franklin, Tennessee, The Chop House.

Pass or Go?

Hickory Falls Wood-Fired Grille & Bar is most definitely a go! Two thumbs way, way up.